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While MegaPortal is constructed you can contact admin via email Update 10.11.18 10:15 Now it is possible to sort images alphabetically a-z/z-a or by time newest/oldest first.
By default images are sort by time newest first. 10:00 Images will now appear newest on top. Update 22.10.18 09:05 Updated server information. 08:44 Lastest image in index is now showing up in correct size. (except on ie where picture is huge :D) Update 21.10.18 Paste released. Update 06.10.18 Latest image is showing up in index. Update 16.09.18 Hasher released. Update 19.07.18 Installed SquirrelMail. Now is possible to upload avatar. Other small updates. Update 01.05.18 MegaBox released. Alpha version of login and accounts released. Alpha version of image uploader and viewer released. Some other small updates.
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